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  1. Bill

    I have seen Talya’s nutritional skills. You will walk out with one or two really important vitamins, like she may notice that my skin on the outside is dry, and recommend that I consume more fats, or better yet, give me a formula of flax, borage, sesame, olive oil, linolen and vit E, Omega 3,6 and 9, in perfect harmony and in one month, my skin was so soft that I din’t need lotion.

    • Bill

      Thank you Bill. You got it. If someone sells you twenty different products, even if you are defiecent in say, Vit D3, like most of us are, just try that product, then go to your doctor or ours, do a blood test in a couple of months and you will see a quantifiable difference. Also, your skin being softer is a result of you being consistant with your given EFA supplement, so you get all the credit for following through. Thank you.

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